Article ajax back button

article ajax back button

This article presents an open source JavaScript library that finally brings bookmarking and back button support to AJAX applications. By the.
The back button is far too valuable, both practically and psychologically, the article " Ajax: How to Handle Bookmarks and Back Buttons," by Brad Neuberg.
In this article we'll go over 1) how users expect the back button to work, . Ajax pagination can be vulnerable to breaking user expectations as it.

Article ajax back button expedition fast

I've always thought Jakob Nielson's thoughts need to applied carefully and when looking at the back button requirement, is it really a good idea? Ajax liberated us from the history list, which is usually a worst enemy of a web application. I went to a session on implementing client patterns in XAML. Disclosure: I work for Backbase I think there are two topics: - how should you use the Back-button in Ajax if at all?

article ajax back button

They hit back again and they're still on your page but with no hash. This script assumes the page you are using it on doesn't already use a hash, as is in my case: The problem I was having with some of the other answers is the hashchange event would not fire. In this scenario, I'm referring to the back button. Now if I want to implement a back button in "article ajax back button" app not the browser-bottonI just make it do:. Much to his surprise he was sent entirely off the site and not video working nice ground to his prior view without the overlay. You can see it working and more examples here dotnsf and here thecssninja. Someone's review about this library.

Enabling the Back Button

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You must Sign In to use this message board. Client Javascript should track current state, but should not stick every state change into history list. Join the Stack Overflow Community. This article presents an open source JavaScript library that. A grid with paging is a perfect use case.

article ajax back button

Article ajax back button -- expedition fast

More specifically, the penademorte.infoate function allows a site to invoke a URL change without a page reload, meaning the site can align the browser back button behavior to match user expectations. If you navigate between the tabs and use the back button, everything works just like it would in a normal app. Regardless of which framework you are using, you will be manually handling URL's for your application.

article ajax back button