Forums threads there dominant woman looking submissive male

forums threads there dominant woman looking submissive male

Any dominant men out there who arnt broke want a submissive BBW? much try looking at fetlife reading some of the forums there or collarme  Ladies only: do u prefer a dominant or submissive female.
I'm female and I like my men to be bossy and dominant. Do you prefer women to have their own say but ultimately you be in charge? I'm not looking to condemn anyone - I know the vast majority of men believe in gender equality in Some people may choose to see the thread in a kind of BDSM way.
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Forums threads there dominant woman looking submissive male traveling easy

That trait isnt as required for success as much but womwn still seek mates based on prefered qualities. These types are an endangered species... A "true" submissive doesn't need to truely be submissive to anyon other than to whomever they are collared too.

Just because someone replies questioning your extremely graphic and honestly ridiculous list of requirements to "prove they are being submissive" does not mean they aren't of the lifestyle or that they aren't submissive. Because remember they choose to submit. Read her penademorte.infotly she is with the love of her life at this moment as we speak. I am the evangelical of matriarchy. However, I like to take care of the bills, our long term plans such as housing and pirmary income sourceretirement, and education. Dom is a term that relates specifically to BDSM, so if you use that particular word those are the people who will respond. Girls like that are usually control freaks though, so good luck. I think you're looking for :thumbleft:. Women will say "I prefer strong men" or "relationships are about equality". Boards relationship health deal stubborn sensitive who discriminate truth, reason, differing opinions, abuse the rep-system with continuous dishonest negs and insults - thus it becomes a miserable, nasty farce. You may not post replies. I just think it would be nice for a change to have a MAN instead of the ones I have had experiences .

Forums threads there dominant woman looking submissive male traveling

Originally posted by catwingsmuther. The opening post does not sound like Luke Skywalker! I could be my shy and comfortable self without being this fake person that I always have to be when I'm around people and have to talk. To the female members on this board...

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