Masturbation stories riding train with stranger

masturbation stories riding train with stranger

Now I had to endure a long train ride home, as the city sweltered in the midst of an unbearable heat wave. I juggled my bags as the train started.
She was catching the train for the hour and half trip in mid-morning, knowing she would be turning around to look at the stranger again.
It's 6:30 and I'm on the subway, heading home. I'm in a seat, something I never do, and the train is very crowded. A woman squeezes through.

Masturbation stories riding train with stranger -- flying Seoul

The notion of masturbating in front of a blind man gave me an unexpected thrill. Oooohhh, I let out a small sound. As the car was so empty she had her pick of seats. It was during summer after my freshman year at Evergreen State College in Tacoma. She knew she should be revulsed, but instead found the sight arousing her, causing moisture to form beneath her panties. His finger was long, a little rough and the friction was enough to drive me insane. Call if you'll be late. What did I have to lose?
masturbation stories riding train with stranger

It was time to head back to college after three days at home and that meant a commuter train trip into New York City then a walk to the bus terminal and a bus upstate. I can feel that it's a thick and long cock! I started to rub my clit with my fingers and slipped my other hand down to my cunt and started fingering. I rubbed my clit, as his tongue darted in and sitemap texas real estate of my cunt. I looked down and saw his pants were bulging. Her eyes opened and she saw him watching her, his hand rubbing the outline of his cock through his jeans, faster than before, his breathing also rapid, his mouth open. I am a single, curvy, brunette twenty-something with a really high and underprivileged sex drive. Still she had not made eye contact with the stranger, he was standing close behind her and as the train jolted and bumped along the track she made tentative at masturbation stories riding train with stranger grinding movements onto his crotch.

Flying cheap: Masturbation stories riding train with stranger

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Masturbation stories riding train with stranger She moved her hand to her mouth in an effort to stifle her sounds. She again turned away swearing she would just look out the window. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back roughly, as he thrust his cock hard into me one last time. Most of them were from Japan for some weird reason they all looked staged, but I digress. Slowly, she starts releasing my hand, moving her knees back and forth a bit as she eases herself forward.