Speed dating professional development classroom

speed dating professional development classroom

The speed dating model is an effective way for students to learn a variety of The panel discussion is a valuable, time-tested teaching technique used in and encouraging the professionals to pass out business cards will add to the Management · Effective Teaching Strategies · Faculty Development.
Introducing Technology Speed - Dating: The fast-paced, Every presenter was a real teacher from our staff, presenting real use of technology in their classroom. It was authentic professional development from those at the coal.
The Impetus Instruction technology coaches who care about their audiences are always looking for ways to spice up the mostly boring "sit and...

Speed dating professional development classroom - tour

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speed dating professional development classroom

Can't wait to begin! With coaching, families and other obligations pulling at teachers, it can be difficult to fit category escort service salina in after school. Professional development happens in many forms, and I enjoyed reading the many ways your teachers participate in PD. You have our promise not to sell or share your email address — ever! Professional development is incredibly important. It showed me how much control I had held over the program. After all, I had spent a great deal of time putting the presentations and activities. Unfortunately, teachers are often subjected to workshops, lectures, meetings and conferences that are not meaningful. Sounds like your staff is very lucky to have an administrator like you! The first thing I did was get out of the way. Just to clarify, speed dating professional development classroom, when you referenced the peer walkthroughs, does that mean that other teachers throughout the building are the instructional coaches? The whole time is concentrated on interacting with a focus on how they have incorporated the skills they have learned into their classroom to impact student achievement. Clearly he is a reflective practitioner who was able to turn over his practice and see the flaws in it. This happens during a time we call Lunchbytes. Staff email Staff Communications. Teachers share articles, resources, and invitations to come and see strategies in their classroom. Unique ideas were shared amongst staff members that may not. I had set up a Google Doc for teachers to post when they would be teaching a unit and would welcome peer observers so that other teachers could sign up to visit. As the instructor, I assigned one-two questions per pair.

Speed Dating in the Classroom - Everyone Gets Engaged

Speed dating professional development classroom -- flying fast

I agree with the fact that professional development is not a spectator sport. In order to shift the way we educate our students and ourselves PLC's need to be exciting and stimulating. I really like the Lunch bytes idea and can't wait to present that to our building as food for thought.

speed dating professional development classroom