Wiki potters house christian fellowship

wiki potters house christian fellowship

The following is an archive of a rather heated discussion about this article that ended up banning one user. Note! Can participants on this page please sign their.
The Potter's House Christian Fellowship - CFM - Wayman Mitchell. (too old to reply) Hello My name is Nick Sayers and I attend a Potters House Church in. Australia. http://en. wiki.
The Jesus movement was an Evangelical Christian movement beginning on the West Coast of . The international Potter's House Church (CFM) was birthed out of the International Church of By 1973 nearly every campus throughout Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia had Fellowship House Churches.

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Maynard Pittendreigh established one at Erskine College , Jay Holmes established one at the University of South Carolina , Steve Freeman established one at Furman University , etc. Within the commune, the group became more important than the individual and communal sharing of possessions was the norm. wiki potters house christian fellowship

The first paragraph states that those who dislike the movement are wrong, while the second paragraph states that those in the movement are all happy and love Christ. One is from the "Apologetics Index", which contains a lot of information about various movements in Christianity and religion today. Something like "Evidence for claim that Slam the Door website was engaging in fraudulent behaviour" or better yet, delete it completely. Criticisms of Charismatic and Pentecostal belief is an article that describes the criticisms of Charismatic and Pentecostal churches generally without being specific on any one group. We as humans START with bias and then work out from. Secondly you said "I also thank you for pointing out the lack of a 'criticisms' section on the other pages. Therefore the article presents but a brief few excepts in order to attempt to overview the greater issues. I have put up some of my intended changes so if you disagree with the impartiality of any of them, now is the time to say so. I ask that all those who I hurt would please forgive me and have mercy on me, I am sorry for the hurt I caused. Retrieved from " I have read a few of the sources linked in reference to the reported controversies in the fellowship. To put in more politically correct terms I should have said, Rick Ross is a man who actively supports Judaism and hates Christ and Christianity. Followers believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. Each Saturday night Jesus People gathered for worship, songs and fellowship. University of Southern California. Can video small blonde piper perri huuu please tell me how you did this? An edit war will always end in a stalemate unless one side backs. While there he was head supervisor of the maintenance shop. Together they then make a decision, and order a "cease and desist" motion towards the losing party, wiki potters house christian fellowship. With the disagreement escalating, one or both parties then approach other Wikipedia users for mediation purposes.

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I have noticed some dead links on that page though, perhaps that could be cleaned up. Re discovering fundamentalism in the cultural margins: Calvary Chapel congregations as sites of cultural resistance and religious transformation. Do not edit the contents of this page. I looked at how long the group had been around, how many churches it currently has and ever had, how many pastors it has current and former , and where the churches were. It has been clearly stated there is a Fellowship Directory. Merry Christmas to all Wikipedians. Just the four tildes the four do-dads from the top left of your keyboard Now to important things.

wiki potters house christian fellowship

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As Salient said above people leave - I say 'so what, thats there choice' so his label of cult is wrong by his own admission. Like you stated above, Rick Ross has an anti Wikipedia forum! When I was searching on the net for myself, I found all those personal details within minutes. That is why I am suspicious of you.

wiki potters house christian fellowship