Wiki talklist ethnic slurs archive

wiki talklist ethnic slurs archive

Seppo. Orginated from rhyming cockney speak for "yank" - "septic tank", truncated to seppot. It is used mainly by people in England and Australia. — Preceding.
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Don't delete this page! If the media used this page as a source, it would seem to suggest that this list is relevant/useful for something. I for one was fascinated by....

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Non-English slurs may be included, but any definition or description of such terms must be provided in English, as with all descriptive editorial content on English Wikipedia. For disputes, seek dispute resolution. Some of his entries were described in neutral terms, but others were not, and I don't have time to go through them all so I reverted. Texans, for example, would also find the term highly offensive for other reasons.

wiki talklist ethnic slurs archive

Adam Jones Reacts To Racial Slurs At Boston's Fenway Park

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It might be arrogant and snobby to call someone a chav, but not racist. Note:Raghead above and Ragtop below should go to List of religious slurs when a citation is found. If "ching chong" is in there, then "durka" should too. Or am I wrong? Not offensive to many Americans. I also invited him to this site so perhaps he may add his two cents to all this. Commonly used for Bengalis from West Bengal and Bangladesh. North America a dark-skinned person who acts like a white person.

wiki talklist ethnic slurs archive